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Final Fantasy XV E3 2015 presence will be limited, says Square Enix

The director on Final Fantasy XV has confirmed that the hotly anticipated PS4 and Xbox One RPG will have a limited presence at this year’s E3 event in June. 

Speaking on the latest Active Time Report (via DualShockers), Square Enix’s Hajime Tabata said that the development team hasn’t enough time to prepare a significant promotional drive for the game at this year’s Los Angeles-based bash. 

That isn’t to say the game won’t appear at all at E3; Final Fantasy XV will still be there in trailer form, but don’t expect anything too major until August’s annual Gamescom event in Germany. 

Furthermore, Tabata-san considers the FFXV demo, Episode Duscae, a major milestone in the project overall, and feels it acts as a sort of prologue to the final product.

The promotional drive for the game buliding up to its final release will continue with the Tokyo Game Show and PAX, which Tabata-san describes as a "reboot and restart" of the game’s promotion.  

Earlier today, it was confirmed that Episode Duscae will be re-released in updated form in May, based on the feedback Square Enix obtained from consumers. Tabata-san recently described PS4 as a ‘big evolution in game design.’