Final Fantasy XV PS4 Pro support adds 60fps at 1080p via February 21 patch, level and photo cap raise

Early this morning (at least stateside), director Hajime Tabata streamed a new Final Fantasy XV Active Time Report to provide updates and answer questions on the post-launch support of the Square Enix RPG. One of the biggest news was in regards to the next patch update, which will give PS4 Pro users a boost.

The February 21 patch update will bring the following:

– 60fps at 1080p full HD on PS4 Pro consoles
– Limited time quests
– Level cap raised to 120 from 99
– Photo saving raised to 200 pictures from 150
– Music player support while riding a Chocobo

During the Active Time Report, discussed upcoming DLC and the next, next patch update set for March 28 that is expected to improve the infamous Chapter 13. You can read details here.

Final Fantasy XV released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at the end of last November, with over six million copies shipped worldwide since launch. Check out our full review here.