Final Fantasy XV timed quest begins: how to find and beat Dread Behemoth

final fantasy 15 timed quest dread behemoth

The Final Fantasy 15 timed quest has begun, and you have until March 20, 2017 to track down Dread Behemoth.

This is a level 140 boss fight, and it’s not easy!

Located just North-East of Longwythe Peak and due South of The Three Valleys, Dread Behemoth puts up one hell of a fight but the rewards are worth it:

  • 30,000 XP
  • 1.2 million Gil
  • 999 AP

Luckily FFXV player, Karpo Musick, has already done the hard work, so check out the video and find out how to beat Dread Behemoth

The Final Fantasy XV timed quest ends on March 20.