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Final Fantasy XVI Has A Group Of SIE Engineers Helping With Optimisation, Reveals Yoshi-P

Naoki ‘Yoshi-P’ Yoshida has revealed during an interview with 4Gamers that a group of SIE engineers are helping with optimisation for Final Fantasy XVI.

When asked about a possible PC release of the game, Yoshida revealed that not only is the game under PS5-exclusivity for six months, but SIE are actively involved in optimising the JPRG.

However, from our point of view, signing such a contract with a hardware maker means that we can receive technical support. This time, there is a part where we are developing together with a group of SIE engineers who know everything about the basics of hardware, and we provide generous support for optimization and other things that are difficult to handle.

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Final Fantasy XVI will receive a demo a few weeks before the game’s launch this summer, with all progress transferable to the full version of the game. Speaking of Final Fantasy XVI’s release, Yoshi-P says he’s confident the game will not be delayed; not unless a meteor happens to fall on Japan, that is.

Square Enix will release Final Fantasy XVI on June 22, 2023 for PS5.

[Source – 4Gamers]