First concept art from The Unfinished Swan dev’s new game; could be called ‘Edith Finch’

Giant Sparrow is, ironically, a very small studio. The indie team out of USC’s game design program is embroiled in a three-game contract with Sony that kicked off with last year’s artistic wonder, The Unfinished Swan. Mere months later, we’ve got first details on Giant Sparrow’s next game.

The info comes via the company’s official website, which states that publicity for the game will start early and come in "broad strokes." Platforms are unknown at this point, but given the studio’s size and exclusivity agreement, a PSN release for PlayStation 4, PS3, and/or PS Vita is assured.

Interestingly, a small bit of controversy surrounds the game’s name. When Giant Sparrow’s announcement blog post first went live, a working title of "Edith Finch" was provided. That detail was archived by numerous press outlets (including IGN), but the game’s working title has since been changed to "Unannounced Giant Sparrow Project." However, the web header of the official game page remains "Edith Finch."

Fans of The Unfinished Swan should thankfully find much to love with "Edith Finch." Giant Sparrow says, "It’s not a sequel to The Unfinished Swan but it’s not a million miles away either. If you like surreal experiences and games that aren’t much like anything you’ve ever played before then you’ll probably like it."

Gotta love the honesty!

Check out the game’s first (rather enigmatic) concept art below, then sound off in the comments with what you’d like to see from a new Giant Sparrow game.