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First Look At Lies Of P Gameplay Revealed

Similar to how Lies Of P was first revealed, once again it is IGN with the premiere of our first look into Lies Of P, this time getting to see gameplay.

Lies Of P is reportedly a souls-like RPG, which it definitely does look the part in the gameplay shown. The gothic environments do make everything feel closer to Bloodborne in particular, even some of the animations.

It should be noted that this isn’t final gameplay, but footage from an alpha build.

You can check out the first gameplay for Lies Of P for yourself, here:

Other than the fact that it is inspired by Pinocchio, and the gameplay shown today however, we’ve not much to go on for Lies Of P. Much of how the game will work is still a mystery.

What the trailer does a fine job of is at least showing us more of the combat. So far it seems to rely on magic, with a mix of well timed attacks and parries through learning enemy patterns.

Source – [IGN]