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First-Person Action Romp Bright Memory Infinite Coming To PS5 In 2022

FYQD-Studio has announced that Bright Memory Infinite will launch for PS5 and Nintendo Switch later this year, having previously only been confirmed for Xbox Series X and Xbox One.

The PS5 version of Bright Memory Infinite will support ray-traced reflections at 60 FPS, although there is also a 120 FPS mode Performance Mode available. In addition, the version on Sony’s latest console adds full DualSense support for adaptive triggers.

Here’s a statement from the development studio:

I know people had to wait a bit longer, but my partners and I decided we needed to take as much time as possible to make Bright Memory: Infinite shine on consoles. We used that extra time to optimize the game on each device. I was confident about getting Bright Memory: Infinite on consoles, but playing the game on those platforms still feels like a miracle.

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Bright Memory Infinite was originally released in 2021 for the PC, and marries first-person shooting with close-quarters swordplay that you’d usually see in hack-‘n-slash titles. Players will battle against demons inspired by ancient Chinese mythology and futurist soldiers, while unlocking new abilities via a comprehensive skill tree system.