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First Reviews Are In For HBO’s The Last Of Us With High Acclaim Across The Board

The Last of Us HBO has received its first batch of reviews from the press, and there’s good news: Not only is the show great in its own right, but it’s been claimed it’s the best video game adaptation of all time.

We’ve complied some review quotes for you to digest, but the overall consensus is that The Last of Us HBO is an absolute killer of a show.

The Radio Times:

So, we’ll say it again: The Last of Us is the best video game adaptation of all time, and it’s also a fantastic TV drama in its own right. If you’re on the fence about watching it, do yourself a favour and get involved as soon as possible. Trust us, you’ll be infected in no time… infected, that is, with a hunger to watch the next episode.

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Comfortably the best adaptation of a video-game ever made: one that deepens the game’s dystopian lore, while staying true to its emotional core. Like the game, it’s a masterpiece, too.

Meanwhile, The Washington Post said The Last of Us HBO “stays true to the game, and hits just as hard,” and IGN awarded the show a mighty 9/10 in its own review.

The Last of Us HBO premieres on January 15.