News Tokyo Game Show [TGS] 2008

First Yakuza 3 trailer goes live

Gamersyde has got its claws into the first moving footage of Yakuza 3, a Tokyo gangster brawler exclusive to PlayStation 3. There’s no direct feed, sadly.

If there’s one thing the trailer makes clear, it’s that the code powering this puppy is top notch. Yakuza 3 rolls out a sky-high level of detail without the slightest bit of slowdown or tearing.

The trailer shows off some of the subgames, which include more conventional options like pool, kareoke and darts plus dodgy dating and girly makeover shenanigans. There’s a sizeable amount of combat in there too, of course, which looks to be just as painfully cinematic as that of the PlayStation 2 titles.

Yakuza 3 comes out in Japan in Spring 2009.