FlatOut: Head On announced for PSP

A brand new entry in the FlatOut series will be heading exclusively to Sony’s PlayStation Portable in early 2008, Empire Interactive announced today.

Titled FlatOut: Head On, the game will take advantage of the handheld’s recently tweaked processing power, and will feature a total of nine game modes, including carnage challenge, full career, destruction derbies, rag doll stunt mode and full multiplayer support.

Players will able to race in a selection of different environments, from deserts to city streets, while the games enhanced physics engine will have you accumulating all manner of wear and tear upon your chosen vehicle, as you dodge competitors and obstacles alike at blindingly fast speeds. The aim of the game, however, is simple; the more carnage you create, the more points you get.

Rob Noble, Empire’s European Marketing Manager commented, “This is the first time that the FlatOut series has been brought to the PSP, and the results are stunning.”

“The developers have taken all the intense racing mayhem of Flat Out and crunched it all into the PSP. This game will raise the bar for handheld arcade racing games and pushes the PSP to its limits.”

FlatOut: Head On is scheduled for release exclusively on PSP in early 2008; stay tuned for more details as they break.