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Focus Home Unveils “Shady Part Of Me” Puzzle Game, Out Now On PS4


Focus Home Entertainment announced that Shady Part Of Me is officially launching today on PS4. The announcement comes during the Game Awards and isn’t the first a new title made a surprise release during the Game Awards,

The game is an indie puzzler where you play as a little girl and her shadow, overcoming emotional struggles through dreamscapes. The game switches between a unique 2D style and 3D style, rewinding time all in a watercolor painting art style.

You can watch the Shady Part Of Me PS4 release announcement trailer below:

Shady Part Of Me is just another surprise title that has gotten a shadow drop release. This has become a common theme during the Game Awards, and we hope it continues to a theme for the show.

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If you have missed any of the news from today’s Game Awards, you can catch up on it all here and also rewatch the show live here on our dedicated live stream page.

Shady Part Of Me is out now for PS4 and is playable on PS5 through backwards compatibilit.