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Former Wipeout Developers Reveal New Studio Starlight Games, With A Focus On Creating Futuristic Sports Games

Atomicom is a studio you might know if you’re a House Of Golf fan, so you’d be surprised to learn that Atomicom isn’t making House Of Golf 2. Well, it is Atomicom, but under a new name – Starlight Games is the new studio that’s been formed from Atomicom, and its got some key PlayStation veterans behind the wheel.

Rising from the ashes of Atomicom, Starlight Games began as the team “wanted a fresh new studio focused on creating our own IP,” says chief executive officer Gary Nichols in an interview with GamesIndustry.Biz.

Nichols has been leading the team at Atomicom for the last two decades, but before that he was part of the Wipeout team at Psygnosis, along with Wipeout co-creator Nick Burcombe, who is also a senior member of the team at Starlight, serving as design director and producer.

All at once, Starlight Studios revealed themselves as the new Atomicom, that House Of Golf 2 would be arriving on PS5 and other platforms sometime in Summer 2024, and the studios renewed focus on the future of sports games.

Or more accurately, on “futuristic sports games,” as they identify on their website. Starlight revealed a teaser of the kind of futuristic look they’d be going for, but there’s really not much at all that we know about what they’ll be doing after House Of Golf 2.

With the kind of talent at Starlight however, whatever it is will be worth keeping an eye on.

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