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Gran Turismo Director Neil Blomkamp Is Looking Into Wipeout Lore

Gran Turismo isn’t the only racing franchise that has been synonymous with PlayStation over the years, for a very different vibe players almost always had Wipeout to turn to, the stylish sci-fi racer from developer Pysgnosis.

Fans would love to see a Wipeout return, its incredible visual style would definitely suit very well on PS5, but it might be that it’ll return first in the form of a film, as the Gran Turismo film director Neil Blomkamp put out on Twitter that he’s looking to dig into Wipeout lore.

In response, Damon Fairclough, who worked as a writer at Psygnosis, writing much of the lore to Wipeout up to Wipeout Fusion replied saying he has “tons of material” for Blomkamp if he’s interested.

It’s also worth noting that the series co-creator Nick Burcombe revealed to fans that “something” Wipeout related is coming, not a game, but something to do with the franchise.

Now that we’re coming up to the Gran Turismo film’s release this summer, it would make perfect sense for PlayStation Productions to get Blomkamp working on a new film focused on Wipeout.

It would potentially be a great way to bring the franchise back in front of fans, and could very well lead to a new game being made.

Wipeout has been a part of every PlayStation console generation, including handhelds, all the way up to the PS4 in some way, so hopefully it’ll return before the PS5-era is over.

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