Fortnite amazingly appears to have PS4 cross-play with Xbox One players

fornite ps4 crossplay

[UPDATE] This was a true story, and Epic Games have now removed Fornite PS4 crossplay.

[ORIGINAL] Sony has been quite clear on its stance between PS4 and Xbox One cross-play, deciding not to implement the feature which would enable players from all three platforms to play against or with each other in multiplayer games.

However, it looks like there may have been a big error (or is it?) In Fortnite, Epic Games’ co-op survival adventure, the guy in the video below is playing the game on PS4. What’s unusual though is that he gets killed by a gamer with the ID – zCypher Nine – claiming its an Xbox One player!

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He flagged up the mysterious tag in a post on NeoGAF, where the owner of the video is correct in his assumption that you cannot create a PSN ID with a space on PS4. He claims to have then switched to play Fortnite on Xbox One, which he also owns, and checked out the gamertag of the player who killed him on PS4, as well as his co-op partner. They are both apparently confirmed as Xbox One players.

He later took this screenshot as proof that zCypher Nine is an Xbox One player.

fornite ps4 crossplay

So, is this some elaborate scam to create a bit of controversy from this guy, or has there been an astronomical gaffe that has opened up Fortnite PS4 cross-play against Sony’s wishes? Or, maybe Sony has changed its stance completely?

We’ve reached out for comment. Stay tuned for updates.