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Fortnite And Other Online Games Responsible for 5% Of UK Divorces

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According to the latest statistics, 5 percent of the divorces in the UK in 2018, have been blamed in video games. Prime suspect is Fortnite, which has been cited in numerous divorce petitions since January 2018.

The data was gathered by Divorce-Online, who refer to Fortnite as having ‘drug-like qualities’. They explain that the dawn of the digital revolution has introduced new addictions – with gaming being one of them.

The report puts emphasis on Fortnite, but they actually refer to Fortnite and other online games as being the reason why more than 200 divorce petitions blamed videogames to have caused the breadown of their relationship.

The study takes into account 4,665 petitions of divorce, stating that approximately 5 percent (233) point the finger at video games as the cause.

If you think you need help with a videogame addiction, there are numerous charities out there providing support that specialise in gaming addiction. Alternatively, check out our feature on how a video game addict convinced his girlfriend to stay.