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Fortnite’s Latest Character Is Chapulín Colorado, To Celebrate The Character’s 51 Year Anniversary

Fortnite has always been an ever growing multiverse in regards to its characters, and the latest entry is no different with Chapulín Colorado diving off the battle bus on November 1, 2021.

For those unaware with Chapulín Colorado, he’s arguably one of the most prominent international comedic superheroes who began with a Mexican television show in the 1970’s.

The news about the new character was posted on the official Fortnite website, talking about the character, his history and his abilities, saying:

“The world’s greatest comedic superhero on international TV is celebrating his 51st anniversary by joining the battle in Fortnite. First created by Roberto Gómez Bolaños, Chapulín Colorado carries himself as a superhero with a heart of gold. With his power to teleport, ability to detect danger with his antennae, and his super gadgets, he’s always ready to save us all. Chapulín’s clumsiness but with good intentions is what made him so loved in every household in Latin America and beyond.”

He’ll be available starting 8pm ET on November 1, 2021 or 1am BT on November 2, 2021, with players being able to purchase bundles containing items from the set or purchase them separately.

You’ll also be able to acquire the Agente Colorado, Capitana Colorada, Soldada Colorado, Amazona Colorada, Guerrero Colorado, Guerrera Colorada, Héroe Colorado, Heroína Colorada, Defensor Colorado and Defensora Colorada outfits as well.

Source – [Epic Games]