Fox predicts Blu-ray winner with PlayStation 3

Fox Filmed Entertainment, a motion picture outputting division of News Corp predicted that the upcoming battle of blu-ray and HD-DVD is a one-sided war.

Speaking with Reuters Media and Advertising Summit in New York, co-chairman James Gianopulos said, "In terms of the number of companies involved, the PS3 momentum and the level of content that is committed to Blu-ray, it does seem to have a pretty strong lead. We believe that Blu-ray not only has the superior technology and backing in terms of strength to market but also the superior content protection."

Blu-ray currently sports over 150 members under its belt. A significantly large no. compared to the competing format. Two of the world’s largest computer companies are also on that list. Ensuring a large selection of Blu-ray players, recorders, PC drives, Blu-ray Disc equipped PCs and blank media when both formats go out at each other in full force next year.

Sony’s PlayStation 3 will include a Blu-ray player out of the box at a subsidized price in order to help its mass penetration. A welcome move, considering how well the PlayStation 2 performed in the last 6 years, selling 100 million consoles. Sony may have just asked a premium price for it’s product knowing atleast half of those figures would surely return for another go at PlayStation next successor.

That is one of the main reasons why high-profile companies like Fox, Warner and Paramount are flocking to join Sony backed Blu-ray Disc Association. Similar comments from Paramount and Lions Gate executives also cited PS3 to be a major factor in determining the winner of the next-generation DVD disc.