FragFX controller coming to the UK

First person shooter fans have long cited that playing the genre on the PC is much better than with a console’s controller due to the preciseness a mouse and keyboard provides for aiming and movement. North American PS3 owners have already been able to experience this increase in precision for a while with SplitFish’s FragFX controller and now the UK will too.

The FragFX controller is set up to mimic a PC’s mouse and keyboard combination as it offers a true mouse with appropriate mouse pad and a multi directional analog stick to control the character’s movement. Also of interesting note is that the controller features a "frag" button that allows users to slow target movement down for better aim accuracy. The controller provides SixAxis support and is compatible with every PS3 game as well as makes surfing the web through the console much easier.

This setup is said to be "ideal for experiencing the traditional PC mouse and keyboard style game play of shooter games in a console environment". Capitalizing on the success of the Nintendo Wii’s controller, the FragFx’s analog stick is very similar to the Wii’s nunchuck in design and implementation. It does a good job at "providing Wii-like motion sensitivity for the PlayStation 3", claims the manufacturer, adding, "In games like Resistance: Fall of Man, to reload a weapon or to rifle butt an opponent, the user can swing the FragChuck".

The SplitFish FragFX controller is available now for GBP 44.99.

Source: Games Dog UK