Friday the 13th PS4

Friday the 13th Single Player Challenges Are Free And Brutal

friday the 13th the game servers

Friday the 13th single player challenges are being added to IllFonic and Gun Media's grisly survival game as a free update. The asymmetrical multiplayer game has been screaming out for a single player mode, and today we get our first sneak peek.

In the following video, we get a walkthrough of Broken Down, the tutorial level from Friday the 13th single player challenges. Players will be tasked with completing certain missions in the guise of Jason Voorhees.

In this first task two students are fixing their car out in the woods. It's up to you to stalk them and kill them. Like the multiplayer game, they'll be multiple ways to complete each mission. IllFonic says that the video is just a taster of what's to come as missions will include multiple objectives, bigger levels and lots of targets to dispatch in a variety of brutal ways.

A release date for the Friday The 13th single player challenges has yet to be released.

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