Getting ready for tonight’s VGAs, what are you expecting?

Excited for tonight’s 2011 Video Game Awards, hosted by Spike? So are we. Over the years we’ve seen the VGAs blossom into more of a new game spotlight, with a smaller emphasis highlighting the best games of the year. We expect the very same this year, especially with word of a PS3 exclusive reveal and some 13 premiers. The rumor machine is in full blast for the aforementioned PS3 exclusive and what else may surprise us during tonight’s show.

You can watch the show live tonight at 8 p.m. ET on Spike, or via for those in U.S., Canada, and Japan. You can also watch it over at and folks in the U.K. can watch it at Keep a tab open here at PSU so you can leave your comments about all the big reveals and, of course, the actual winners. We have a team of writers that will post all the big news as it happens.

This year’s show is hosted by Zachary Levi, star of the TV show Chuck, and voice actor for Fallout: New Vegas and Halo: Reach.

What are your hopes for this year’s VGAs? Since we all know PS3 owners will get a special treat tonight, what would you like to see from the exclusive reveal? Perhaps a new IP? Perhaps a new Move title geared toward the core audience? Perhaps a remake of a classic PSOne game? Or, how about another post-apocalyptic first-person shooter? It’s not like we don’t have enough of those, do we?