God Of War PS4 Combat Tweaks Made Because of Kratos’ Axe

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The God of War PS4 combat system will be slower than previous games, says Lead Designer Jason McDonald in a recent interview with Game Informer. However, combat will be just as fluid and violent as previous games, he explains.

The decision to switch Kratos's Blades of Athena/Blades of Chaos for the much sturdier Leviathan Axe has affected the way that Kratos attacks his foes. While the chain-swords were light and allowed the hulking figure of a man to move around swiftly, we'll feel the difference with the much weightier weapon.

God of War PS4 Combat Is Slower But Just As Fluid

SIE Santa Monica Studio and Ready at Dawn had their concerns about the weapon change. “First of all we were concerned that the weapon didn't have anything special about,” he says. “ So it took us a while to do the first prototype where we had him throwing it”.

Indeed, one of the best changes about the God of War PS4 combat is that Kratos will be able to throw his axe and recall it in the same way that Thor recalls his hammer in Norse mythology. This feature, he says, immediately resonated with the designers when it was added and he claims that the first thing other people have done when playing the game is throw the axe. “After hours of hours of throwing the axe, no one seems to be tired of it”, he explains.

What's interesting is that Jason says that when you've been used to playing previous God of War games, and you jump into this new God of War PS4 game, the combat feels slower. “But it's just as fluid and brutal as it's ever been”, he reassures fans.

This switch in fighting style and pace will require players to adopt a slightly different thought process which requires thinking about how to take advantage of the environment around them and ways in which Atreus (Kratos's son) can help in combat.

In other God of War PS4 news, we were told by creative director Cory Barlog that players may spend a quarter of the game on a boat, though we can also expect some epic combat and the gameplay to be as gory as ever.

The God of War PS4 release date is still to be announced, though rumors suggest it will land in March exclusively on PlayStation 4.