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God Of War Ragnarok Jotnar Edition Has Sold Out, And Scalpers In The UK Are Reselling For An Absurd Price

GAME has already sold out of the God of War Ragnarok Jotnar Edition in the UK, and unfortunately, some of these have gone to scalpers that are reselling the bundle for as much as £600. For the record, the RRP of the Jotnard Edition is £229.99.

In case you weren’t aware, GAME has exclusive rights to the Collector’s and Jotnar Editions of God of War Ragnarok, which means if you haven’t secured your copy from there, your only other choice is to wait for PlayStation Direct to go live with preorders.

Failing that, eBay is your next port of call, although this is where you’ll be paying £550 – £600 for the Jotnar Edition from scalpers.

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It’s unfortunate that yet again GAME is the only regular retailer outside of Sony’s store that is stocking these special editions, which has been the case with many other titles. This only makes it harder for fans to track down a copy without paying an absurd price to resellers.

God of War Ragnarok is scheduled for release on November 9, 2022 for PS5 and PS4.

[Source – NME]