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God of War Photo Mode And Multiplayer Update – Report

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A God of War Photo Mode is a possibility post-launch. Though being able to take your own screenshots is not available at release, it's a feature that Sony Santa Monica is currently looking into.

In a recent interview with game director Cory Barlog, The Daily Star posed the question about a God of War Photo Mode. He responded:

“It's something that we're definitely looking at. The photo mode has got to be something really cool. Like people have sort of raised the bar on photo mode. So, I'm not talking about it much right now because I think we need to do something really cool.”

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God of War Photo Mode could allow us take some glorious snapshots.

God of War Photo Mode Might Land In New Update

Being able to take snapshots of your favorite scenes as become increasingly popular in PS4 games in recent years, including the likes of Shadow of the Colossus, Horizon Zero Dawn and Assassin's Creed Origins. With God of War's stunning visuals on PS4 and PS4 Pro, it would be a fantastic inclusion.

god of war ps4 snake
God of War PS4 features stunning visuals, enhanced on PS4 Pro.

God of War Multiplayer Is A No Go

One of the other features that has been talked about, ever since the game was announced, is God of War PS4 multiplayer. It was rumoured last year when Sony Santa Monica were hiring for a Senior multiplayer programmer.

The fact that God of War Ascension has an online co-op mode suggested that the studio may include such an option in God of War PS4. However, it's been confirmed that a God of War multiplayer mode will definitely not feature.

Sony says it wanted to concentrate solely on the single-player experience. Considering the incredible gameplay footage which has just surfaced, we can't say we're bothered!

God of War is due to release exclusively on PS4 on 20 April, 2018.

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  • justerthought

    A graphical show piece like God Of War and no photo mode? That has to be a serious mistake. Adding it later is better than nothing at all, but I hope they realize they just gimped their sales. What is the use of being able to take photos when you have already passed all the epic show pieces and possibly finished the game.

    Now gamers who want it will have to avoid buying the game until it is included via a patch. By that time the hype will be gone and we will be playing other stuff, and probably not buy it until the price drops seeing as we have already had a long wait.

    Seriously, this should have been included in the game and if it was not ready, the game should have been delayed to include it. That way we all buy the game full price, hyped up and enjoy all the features. Have the marketing guys been living under a rock and missed all the latest gaming trends, too busy focusing on rushing the game out to earn money. The irony is they could actually loose money now thanks to their actions.

    When the finance guys are running the show trying to force an early profit, they always end up loosing money because they just don’t understand the game industry. Ubisoft learned that lesson when they rushed AC Unity out too early before it was ready and had to work hard regaining the fans respect with the awesome AC Origins. Bethesda also lost money with the broken PS4 Pro port Prey, with gamers delaying purchase until it was fixed, but the delay was so long the price dropped and gamers got an excellent game really cheap which now runs great on the PS4 Pro.

    The message. Release the game when it’s ready, or you will loose money. That’s what Naughty Dog and Rockstar do. Then we have EA justifiably getting crucified for trying to play the players, which is a whole separate issue thanks again to the greedy money guys trying to justify their existence.

    • NinoBr0wn

      It’s just photo mode. It doesn’t even have anything to do with the game itself. You think sales of God of War, one of PlayStation’s headlining franchises, will be adversely affected because people can’t spend time..taking screenshots? You can’t be serious.

      • Albert Belle

        He’s has to be trolling. there is no other explanation for it. He can’t really think people would hold out or not buy the game or that they would delay the entire finished game just because photo mode is missing. Even if for some weird reason that is what people really wanted the most they could always take pictures on their next play through or when you back track like I believe you can do in the game. also i am pretty sure most people just want to jump in and kill monsters and gods and don’t give a damn about taking pictures of it.