New God of War on PS4 will not feature multiplayer, won’t be Kratos’ final game

The new God of War won’t include a multiplayer component, its game director has confirmed during an interview with Level Up (via Game Transfers).

Corey Barlog said that the latest chapter in the brutal action-adventure series will be a single-player focused effort, and as such eschews the online elements introduced in 2013’s God of War: Ascension.

In addition, Barlog also let slip that this won’t be the final game in the series to feature Kratos. He also reiterated that players will be controlling the bearded anti-hero in God of War, not his son (although gamers can give instructions to Kratos’ pint-sized companion during gameplay).

God of War coming to PS4, is based on Norse mythology

God of War was announced during Sony’s E3 2013 press conference via lengthy gameplay trailer, which depicted Kratos and his son embarking on a hunting trip through the forest.

Set following the events of God of War III, this latest chapter in the franchise is based on Norse mythology, and will include a comprehensive RPG system, no loading times, as well as allowing Kratos to effectively master his rage.

Santa Monica Studio also confirmed that the demo at E3 was running at 30fps, and that this is the likely frame rate target for the final product. A release date for God of War has yet to be announced, although it’s expected to drop in 2017.

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