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God of War PS4 Pro Graphics Boosted to 4K; 2160p Checkerboard

god of war ps4 pro bundle

Sony has revealed a God of War PS4 Pro bundle that takes inspiration from Kratos' Axe. The Leviathan Gray PS4 Pro is decked with a unique design and comes bundled with a copy of the game and a DualShock wireless controller.

The God of War PS4 Pro bundle is now available to pre-order and will be shipped out on April 20, 2018 prices $399.99. On the PlayStation Blog, Sony Santa Monica explained the inspiration behind the design.

The top surface is the Axe skill tree you'll use in-game to upgrade your axe, along with the runic gem slots on the handle that enable unique special attacks. The side panels are trimmed with a beautiful Norse design, and the runes each represent a realm in the game. The Leviathan Gray DualShock 4 wireless controller has the Huldra Brothers brand on it (just like the Axe), and a very subtle God of War logo on the touchpad.

God of War PS4 Pro Graphics Set To Be Out Of This World

What's even more exciting is that some firm details have emerged on the level of visual quality we can expect playing God of War on PS4 Pro. The action-adventure will output in a dynamic 4k resolution via 2160p checkerboard. Players can also expect HDR lighting and wide color gamut.

Thanks to the upcoming PS4 update 5.50, which introduces PS4 Pro supersampling, it also means those with a 1080p TV can also take advantage of improved visuals!

God of War will release on PS4 on April 20, and those fans looking to bag something special, who perhaps already own a PS4 Pro, can also take a look at the mighty God of War Mason Edition! So, who’s looking forward to seeing the God of War PS4 Pro graphics?

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