Godzilla roars onto PS2 once again

Atari announced today that their new title, Godzilla: Unleashed, will not only grace the Wii and DS, but also make an appearance on the PlayStation 2. Pipework’s Development team is still on board for the PS2 version and is sure to deliver.

Unleashed is chalk full of monsters from the original Godzilla movies as well as some new foes. Based on the notion that one must destroy the earth in order to protect it, gamers will be placed in an city environment ready to do battle. Keehwan Her, Atari Producer, went on to add, "We’ve made some interesting adaptations from past Godzilla games, so players will encounter different story modes, new monster abilities, and more flexible multiplayer capabilities, ensuring a must-have Godzilla experience." Unleashed is sure to be a party hit and yet again proves the studio’s dedication to the PS2.

The PS2, the best selling console of all time, is still selling well with plenty of games in the pipeline. Stick with PSU for the latest on Sony’s last gen platform, as well as the PS3 and PSP.