Gran Turismo Sport beta graphics need to be seen to be believed

gran turismo sport beta registration

As many gamers are aware, the closed beta for Polyphony Digital’s upcoming Gran Turismo Sport is currently underway in both U.S. And E.U. Territories.

As a result, we’ve begun to see just how incredible looking PS4’s maiden Gran Turismo title actually is as participants of the beta have started sharing images and GIFs of the in-game racing action.

The results are frankly stunning.

Check out some of them below (courtesy of NeoGAF).

gran turismo sport beta registration

gt sport screenshot

gran turismo sport beta

gt sport beta

gt sport screenshots

gran turismo beta start times

While some not-so-positive feedback has been levelled at the game’s AI and sound design there’s little dispute that Sport is one of PS4’s most beautiful-looking offerings.

How to get into the Gran Turismo Sports beta:

Though the beta is relatively exclusive and only open to select PSN Ids, you can register your interest both here and here. (The former is for U.S.-based gamers, the latter for E.U.) You never know, you might be one of the lucky few!

For a more detailed break down, don’t forget to check out the 5 things you need to know about the Gran Turismo Sport beta as well as the latest trailer.

Gran Turismo Sport’s release date is set for the latter half of 2017. Stay tuned to PSU for more as the beta heats up.