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Grand Theft Auto Is Take-Two’s Best Selling Franchise, Reaching Over 410 Million Copies Sold, 190 Million Of Which Are From GTA V Alone

Grand Theft Auto has been one of the biggest franchises in gaming since the release of Grand Theft Auto III, and it’s only imploded to become even bigger since.

Which is why it’s no surprise that the franchise is publisher Take-Two’s best selling franchise ever, with more than 410 million units sold across the entire franchise’s life.

What’s also not surprising is that almost half of those sales come from one game, Grand Theft Auto V, which according to the company’s latest reports has stretched over 190 million copies sold.

In the case of Red Dead Redemption, despite having only two games in the franchise, it just recently hit a total of 81 million copies sold, with 57 million of those sales coming from Red Dead Redemption 2.

Perhaps the really crazy thing is that Grand Theft Auto V managed to sell another five million copies between the beginning of August and now.

And with the reveal of the next Grand Theft Auto game actually, finally around the corner, the series is set to grow even more, if that’s at all possible.

All we know is that the reveal will come “early December,” with all bets pinging The Game Awards as the time and place it’ll be shown.

Hopefully whatever comes in this reveal trailer, and the final game have been worth the more than a decade-long wait.

Source – [Take-Two]