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Growtopia PS4 Surgery Tips

Growtopia PS4 Surgery Tips

In our Growtopia Surgery Tips Guide, we provide you with some useful tips to take on board whilst you’re performing surgeries in Ubisoft’s free-to-play MMO sandbox effort.

Growtopia Surgery Tips

Surgery in Growtopia is an essential part of the game as it allows players to heal injuries and prevent the death of themselves and other player characters.

As such though, there are a few handy pointers that we can give to make sure you get the most out of your Growtopia surgery shenanigans.

  1. If during surgery the patient begins bleeding, their heart stops beating or some other issue happens, be sure to address these issues with the correct surgery tools first before doing anything else.
  2. It’s not that uncommon for patients to awaken mid-surgery. Handily, if you have some Surgical Anaesthetic you can just put them right back to sleep again.
  3. Surgery and the success of it is all predicated around Surgeon Skill. The more of it you have the less skill fails you’ll receive, making the surgery easier to pull off as a result. To help bolster your chances try and drink some tea prior to surgery as this will reduce the chance of skill fails for one minute.
  4. It’s also recommended that in the early going you begin with easier surgeries, such as Flu, as the chance of success will be much higher. Likewise, when your Surgeon Skill increases, you can then think about tackling the more difficult procedures such as Tumors and Serious Trauma.
  5. Speaking of skill level, it is actually totally possible to do a surgery without the aid of Surgical Antiseptic. However, this should only be attempted by players with a higher Surgeon Skill as the chance for failure is otherwise high.
  6. Don’t always click the “Fix It!” button as soon as it appears. Instead, wait and click the button once any incisions have been closed as this will then reduce the chance of failing the surgery.
  7. Every successful surgery provides the players with Surgery Rewards. However if you don’t have sufficient space in your pack, those rewards will just fall to the ground – allowing nearby unscrupulous players to scoop them up. Make sure you have sufficient inventory space before a surgery!

We hope you found these Growtopia surgery tips useful! Don’t forget – you can nab Growtopia PlayStaton Plus bonuses every day you log into the game too.