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GTA 5 Actor Steven Ogg Sheds Light On Cancelled Trevor DLC

Rockstar Games reportedly had Grand Theft Auto 5 DLC in the works featuring Trevor but decided to cancel it, according to Steven Ogg, who plays the character in the multi-million selling crime epic.

Dataminers uncovered something called Agent Trevor back in 2023, which is believed to be one of three scrapped GTA 5 expansions — the others being Zombie Apocalypse and Alien Invasion. Following this up, Ogg has claimed in a cast Q&A that the Rockstar shot some of the Trevor DLC before abandoning the project.

Trevor was going to be undercover, he was working with the feds. We did shoot some of that stuff with ‘James Bond Trevor’, where he’s still kind of a fuck-up, but he’s doing his best. Then it just disappeared and they never did it, they never followed up on it.

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It has widely been reported in the 10+ years that GTA 5 was released that Rockstar had planned to release single-player DLC for the game, but abandoned this in favour of pumping out content for Grand Theft Auto Online.

GTA 5 was released in September 2013 for PS3 and Xbox One, and arrived on PS4, PC, and Xbox One the following year. Rockstar also ported the game to PS5 and Xbox Series X/S a few years ago, meaning it’s available on three different generation of consoles.

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