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GTA Online Free Cash Boost And Tax Rebates For Players

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Rockstar Games are offering GTA Online players some free cash to spend-in-game. Starting now until February 26, you can get $250,000 of cash by simply logging into your account.

Rockstar will add the cash to your GTA Online account between February 27 and March 6. That's not all! If you also have a wad of money already in your bank, you're due a tax rebate on anything you buy between now and February 26.

You'll get a 10% refund on all purchases made in GTA Online during this time with the maximum refund being $1million. Refunds will be delivered to your account on February 26.

gta online free cash
GTA Online free cash for a limited time, and tax rebates.

How To Get Your GTA Online Free Cash

Okay, let's summarize

  • Log into GTA Online before March 6
  • Enjoy $250,000 of in-game cash between Feb 27 and March 6
  • Spend in-game money before February 26
  • Enjoy a 10% tax rebate on all purchases

In other GTA Online news, there’s good news for players worried that the upcoming Red Dead Redemption 2 release might see Rockstar’s support dwindle a little. It won’t. The developer was clear in a recently financial conference call that regular content will continue for GTA Online as both projects are entirely separate.