GTA Online players get $500,000 in-game cash as game improves dramatically

As a gesture of goodwill for players beset by GTA Online’s crippling launch issues, Rockstar Games will be gifting every GTA Online user with $500,000 in-game currency.

Specifically, the gift will come in two, $250,000 installments to anyone who has played GTA Online in the month of October. The cash will appear in players’ inventories automatically, so there’s no need to take any additional action or file a claim for the in-game cash.

According to Rockstar, the cash should start showing up in players’ bank accounts "as early as next week," and an upcoming title update will enable the functionality alongside other fixes to issues like vehicle purchases disappearing.

Earlier this month, we reported on the troubling state of GTA Online, which was plagued early-on by connection issues, bugs, freezes, and low player counts. The experience has since improved tremendously, and it’s easier than ever to recommend the sprawling world of Los Santos as your next online gaming destination.

As for the in-game cash, $500,000 is no small chunk of change in GTA Online’s world. The game’s most expensive penthouse apartment is a bit over $400,000, but there’s an unbelievable wealth of other items that might deserve your purchase, including super cars, property, guns and upgrades, designer accessories, and more. Choosing between the in-game economy’s available luxuries will be quite difficult, indeed.

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