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Guide: How To Fix PS4 Drift Stick Issues – Solutions For Your Drift Stick PS4 Woes

PS4 Drift Stick Issues, Drift Stick PS4, How To Fix Drift Stick PS4, Drift Controller PS4, PS4, DualShock 4 Drift – The PS4 is no stranger to experiencing drift controller issues with the DualShock 4, an issue that has also been reported by PS5 users. However, folk are still searching a lot for solutions to fixing their drift stick PS4 issues, so here’s what we’ve been able to find.

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PS4 Drift Stick Issues – How To Fix Your Drift Controller Woes

Drift stick issues are a pain for anyone using a modern gaming controller, and if you’re not aware of the issues, you’ve probably experienced it without knowing. Ever seen the camera move without touching the analogue stick? Has your car drift to one side without you inputting that direction? That’s drifting.

Unfortunately, the DualShock 4 could be experiencing these issues through simple wear-and-tear, as the older the controller gets, the more likely it is to simply stop functioning properly. The main causes for drifting is either a dirty analogue stick or the stick/potentiometer being damaged.

With that said, here’s some possible remedies for PS4 stick drift issues.

  1. Reset the DualShock 4 controller; either as soft reset or hard reset can do the job.
  2. Clean the controller thoroughly by wiping the crevices of the analog stick with a dry cloth. In addition, you can use a cotton swab lightly dipped in water or isopropyl alcohol to remove stubborn dirt.
  3. Your final solution is to replace the analog sticks on the DualShock 4. This is by far the most difficult solution, as it requires you to take apart the controller, purchase the necessary parts, and get yourself a soldiering iron. Failing that, your only other option is to simply buy a new DualShock 4.