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Guide: PS5 Disc Drive Noise – How To Fix

PS5 Disc Drive Noise, PS5 Noise, PS5 Disc Drive – Sony’s next-generation powerhouse isn’t too shabby in regards to reducing noise over its predecessor, and at times you’ll forget it’s even on when in use. However, there are some instances where the PS5 disc drive can kick up quite a fuss, and a lot of folk have noticed this.

From what we can gather, it appears to be most common when your are copying game to the PS5 SSD from disc. Here’s what we know so far.

PS5 Disc Drive Noise – How To Fix

First of all, you can hear an example of the PS5 disc drive noise issue below.

Pretty annoying, right? Fortunately, there’s some fixes you can try, as detailed below.

  • Ensure your PS5 is not standing on a thin surface that permits vibrations, as this will definitely cause it to emit the sound in the video above.
  • Check the console to make sure there isn’t anything rattling around inside the stand if you have it positioned vertically.
  • Do not place the PS5 close to any nearby objects that could cause vibrations when the disc drive is in motion

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