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Guide: PS5 Error Code CE-107520-5, How To Fix

PS5 Error Code CE-107520-5, PS5 CE-107520-5, PS5 Error CE-107520-5 – Sony’s PS5 is susceptible to error codes just like any other platform, so you’ve probably come across PS5 CE-107520-5 from time to time. In this case, it’s nothing too serious, and something you can easily remedy with the correct info at hand. Find out more details below.

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PS5 Error Code CE-107520-5 – How To Fix

PS5 CE-107520-5 flags up the following message: “Please install the latest system software.”

So, that pretty much tells you what you need to know. You simply need to install the latest PS5 firmware update to continue as normal. All you have to do is get your PS5 online and you’ll be prompted to download the latest update, or grab it via a PC and put it on a USB drive.

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Sony releases system software updates on a fairly frequent basis, so it’s recommend you always download it as soon as possible to ensure your console is working up to speed. This is unlikely to change with PS5, which received an update just a few days after its US launch on November 12, 2020.