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Guilty Gear Strive Netcode Receives Huge Praise From Fighting Game Community

Netcode can make or break online fighting games – try doing three Electric Wind God Fists with Kazuya in a three-bar Tekken 7 match, for example – but Arc System WorksGuilty Gear Strive is one game that excels in this area. In fact, its netcode is so good, that it’s been receiving huge praise from the fighting game community.

As reported by EventHubs, players are noting that the Guilty Gear Strive netcode performs impressively between players in the US, Japan and Korea. For starters, Justin Wong, an EVO champion, wrote that the “game feels amazing and NETCODE is so good!!! I was able to play against people from Japan and Korea with no LAG.”

Other players also chimed in on the performance of the Guilty Gear Strive netcode, which seems to have been accepted as nothing short of top-notch. This is great news for those anticipating the full release of the game on April 9, 2021 on PS5 and PS4.

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If you pre-ordered Guilty Gear Strive you’ll be able to take part in the open beta, which went live yesterday and wraps up on February 21.

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