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Guilty Gear Strive Update 1.24 Brings Cross-Play For PS4, PS5 & PC Users

Arc System Works has announced the Guilty Gear Strive update 1.24 patch notes for you to gawk at, which is a major patch that adds full Cross-Play support for PS4, PS5 and PC users.

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  • Added support for cross-platform features between PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 versions with the Steam version.
    • Online matches are now possible across platforms, and you can view the rankings, replays, and creations for Combo Maker and Digital Figure of players on other platforms.
    • *”Cross-platform features” as mentioned in this text refers to online play between PlayStation consoles and Steam.
  • Added an option to turn cross-platform play On or Off in Settings under System Settings.
    • This option is set to On by default.
    • While set to On:
      • Online Match – You will enter Rank Tower and Open Park with support for cross-platform play.
      • Player Match – You will be able to enter rooms with players on other platforms when the Platform is set to All during Create Room / Search Room.
    • While set to Off:
      • Online Match – You will enter Rank Tower and Open Park exclusive to each platform.
      • Player Match – You will be unable to change the Platform setting from Same Platform during Create Room / Search Room.
  • Added a Platform Icon next to Player Names.
  • An icon for each platform will be displayed for any players on the same platform (including between PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 players), with another icon denoting players on a different platform.
  • Added a search / display filter for cross-platform to Ranking, Replay, Combo Maker, and Digital Figure.
    • You are able to choose between players on the same platform as you, or all players including those on other platforms.
  • A confirmation message will now pop up when selecting Tutorial from the main menu.
  • The Arcade Mode boss theme “Crawl” can now be selected as BGM.
  • Fixed a bug where the BGM “High Voltage” would not loop correctly.
  • Fixed errors with certain missions where the actual conditions required to complete the mission varied from what was displayed.
  • Fixed minor bugs.

Network Mode

  • Added a function to Report other players.
    • This option can be selected from the player’s R-Code.
    • Reported players will be evaluated from various standpoints. If they are determined to be malicious, measures such as suspending them from online play may be taken.
    • Do not overuse or misuse the Report function.
    • Please note that we cannot respond to inquiries about the contents or results of player evaluations.
  • Added a Mute function, which hides the Player Name and any text sent by a specific player from your screen.
    • The Mute function can be selected from the R-Code of the player you would like to mute. The player will not know they have been muted.
    • Muting a player will make the following changes to your screen display regarding the muted player:
      • Player Name – If the player is on the same platform as you, it will display their ID. If they are on a different platform, it will display them as “GG Player.”
      • Text Sent – Text from the muted player will not be shown in chat bubbles or the chat log, etc.
      • Digital Figure and Other User-Created Content – You will be unable to view content from the muted player.
      • Match Replays – You will be unable to view replays uploaded by the muted player.
    • Any muted players will be automatically un-muted after shutting down the game.
  • Changes have been made to the in-game Block function for blocking specific players.
    • In addition to making matches with the blocked player impossible, it now also places restrictions on the Player Name and text sent from them, as with the Mute function.
    • Blocked players will remain blocked even after shutting down the game.
    • The names of blocked players are now displayed in red in the online lobby, member list, etc.
    • The names of players you follow are now displayed in blue in the member list in addition to the online lobby.
    • Fixed an error where an incorrect message would be displayed after surpassing the Follow limit.
    • Fixed an error where an incorrect message would be displayed after surpassing the Block limit.
    • Opponents can now be Blocked from the Results screen after a match by holding the “Block the Opponent” button.


  • Reduced loading time for the R-Code top page by reading the data for each page individually when viewing another player’s R-Code.
  • Changed conditions for the character shown on the R-Code top page from “most wins” to “highest level.”
  • You can now see how many players are in the same room as you during Training Mode Matchmaking in Rank Tower or Open Park.
  • When entering a match, an icon now shows the connection strength with the opponent on the confirmation screen before the match.

Player Match

  • Fixed a bug where the spectator icon would not be displayed within the “Wait Order / Spectating” list in Player Match.
  • Fixed a bug where room members would not be displayed correctly when players entered a room over the player capacity simultaneously in Player Match.
  • Fixed a bug in Player Match where, after beginning Training Mode Matchmaking at a specific timing, the player would not enter Training Mode and could not begin matchmaking.

Rank Tower

  • Adjusted rules for Assigned Floor changes.
    • To make it easier to match with players of the same skill level, the rule preventing players from falling below a certain floor even after repeated losses based on certain input techniques and floors previously reached has been eased.
    • There have been no changes to the rules for rising floors.
  • Added the option to skip the Rating Update sequence.
    • This option can be turned On or Off in Settings under “Skip Rating Update sequence.”
  • Players can now continue to rematch up to three matches, even if their Assigned Floor changes during a set.
    • As before, the players will return to the room if either player selects “Quit.”
  • You can now select the room you would like to enter from the Floor Select screen.
    • You can select from rooms with other players already in them, or select a new room.

Replay Theater

  • Added an option to view player information from the Saved Replay screen.


  • Fixed a bug where the “Figure” options’ order would sometimes change under Edit Avatar.

Battle Related

  • Fixed a bug where the processing load would increase when a Counter Hit occurred on high screen resolution settings in the Steam version.
  • The battle version has been updated from Ver. 2.03 to Ver. 2.04.
    • *You can check the battle version in the Replay Theater, etc.
    • Some missions in Mission Mode have been changed to reflect this.
  • Fixed minor bugs and made battle balance changes.