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H1Z1 PS4 Servers Down – And Here’s Why

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[Update] The H1Z1 servers on PS4 are currently down to make way for the new Scavenger patch. There’s currently no indication when it will be back online.

This weekend it means you’ll be heading to Pleasant Valley on the hunt for skulls in Scavenger mode, a new arcade mode. The new H1Z1 update also delivers some new Freedom Bundles.

Here’s the full details of the H1Z1 scavenger hunt.

Wasteland Skull (Easy)

Found more abundantly around the map, find and collect 50 of these skulls before the end of the Hunt. However, these Wasteland Skulls are still in limited supply each match, so keep your eyes open as you scavenge for gear. Collecting 50 of these skulls (your progress carries between matches) will get you 3 Silver Victory Crates.

Skull of the King (Hard)

This skull, from the very first H1Z1 winner, is far more rare – only 1 per match can be found randomly on the map. The Skull of the King is haunted, and the golden energy it emits can be both seen and heard. Locate this skull, acquire it, and WIN a match while you possess it to unlock the elusive Scavenger Skull Helmet.

Scavenger Hunt will only be available in Arcade mode until Tuesday, July 10, so be sure to earn your Helmet before the Hunt ends!The Skull of the King can also be looted off others, and any lootbag with it will be clearly seen to contain it. Find it or kill for it, the goal is the same – possess it and win!

H1Z1 Servers Down For Update – Patch Notes

  • Quick-throwing a grenade now properly interrupts shotgun reloads.
  • Players are now awarded kill credit when damaging a player who then dies from falling damage.
  • Revive timer now properly shows when beginning a revive right after healing.
  • Reviving is now canceled if the player being revived crawls too far away from the reviver.
  • Players will no longer go into a downed state if they die without any teammates still alive.
  • Camera no longer transitions to first-person when downed while aiming down sights.
  • Airstrike Signal is no longer missing tier info in the item pickup UI.
  • Airstrike Signal can now be picked up when all throwable slots are occupied.
  • Weapons now appear with their correct skins when dropped from opposing players.


Check out this snazzy American theme!

H1Z1 servers PS4

The servers are now live for the H1Z1 beta, but it didn’t get off to the smoothest of starts. As we’ve learned so often with other games of the ilk (Fortnite servers *coughs*) it’s likely that players will experience some connection problems, especially with the game still in beta for the coming months.

H1Z1 PS4 Server Down?

Many users are still reporting being stuck on the H1Z1 loading screen and loading into game. The “failed to connect to server” is a frequent issue too. Aside from scheduled maintenance and down time for update, the H1Z1 servers are usually live. However, the Battle Royale game has now been downloaded by 7 million players, which probably explains why the PS4 server is under a bit of strain occasionally!

In H1Z1 you compete to be the last man or last team standing on an open-world battlefield that shrinks with time. At launch, there’s a free H1Z1 PS Plus bundle you can pick up, and three different packs to get you going, though you can play entirely for free.

Whether H1Z1 ends up being one of the best free PS4 games remains to be seen, but it’s certainly got potential in the Battle Royale genre which has dominated by Fortnite.

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