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HBO’s The Last Of Us Adds Danny Ramirez, Tati Gabrielle, Ariela Barer And Spencer Lord To The Cast For Season 2

HBO’s The Last Of Us is ramping up filming for season two, and as such we’ve had four new cast members added, Danny Ramirez, Tati Gabrielle, Ariela Barer and Spencer Lord.

Ramirez will be playing Manny, Barer will be playing Mel, Gabrielle will be playing Nora and Lord will be playing Owen, all members of the group that take the cross-country trip with Abby to kill Joel.

While we don’t know how far into The Last Of Us Part II this season will go, these casting announcements could suggest we’ll spend a fair bit of time with present-day Abby and her friends.

Whether or not that is taking place before or after their trip to kill Joel, is the big question. Showrunner and writer Craig Mazin has done his best to try and keep fans wondering about how season two will shape up.

But when so much of the audience already knows the big events that’ll have to be covered, and with the structure of the game’s story being such that it doesn’t really tee off until Joel’s head is treated like a golf ball, all makes it more difficult to actually keep them in the dark.

Hopefully we’ll have an announcement soon as to when we can properly expect the season to begin airing again.

Source – [Variety]