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Herman Hulst Discusses Bungie Acquisition & PlayStation Studios Future In PlayStation Blog Post

The biggest and latest news out of PlayStation is of course the Bungie acquisition. It’s a move that clearly caught players and the majority of the industry off guard, so naturally it’s good to hear from the one behind these big choices when they go public.

That is a bit of what we’re getting here with Herman Hulst’s latest interview on the PlayStation Blog, within which he talks about the acquisition, and the future of PlayStation Studios.

“It’s a really good surprise. We like surprises. Let me just say that I’m so pleased that we could make this happen because Bungie is truly a world-class developer.”

Hulst praises Bungie through the interview, rightly so, as trailblazers in the industry, and also about how the partnership will work, at least in part.

“Obviously it’s still early, the deal itself needs to be finalized before we can officially start discussing detalied collaboration. But I’ve spent a lot of time with folks like Jason Jones and Pete Parsons, and some of the senior team over at Bungie.”

“And let me tell you that everyone’s very excited for Bungie and PlayStation Studios to share ideas, share some of our batle scars as well. And really, just learn from each other.”

Hulst of course is right to point out that things can’t really start officially just yet regarding any kind of collaboration, but it is still exciting to consider.

Earlier in the interview Hulst talks about how while he was working on Killzone, he was following the design choices Bungie made in Halo closely to learn and be inspired by.

Most Killzone fans know it could be a long shot, but just the idea that Bungie will potentially lend their FPS expertise to the revival of what was at a time a more than solid shooter franchise that ended on a poor note is exciting on its own.

Source – [PlayStation Blog]