Hideo Kojima congratulates The Last Guardian creator

Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima has extended his congratulations on Twitter to Fumito Ueda, the designer behind the long-delayed PlayStation 4 title The Last Guardian.

Kojima-san posted a snapshot on the social networking site of his brand new copy of the action-adventure title, as well as giving Ueda-san a digital pat on the back. He’s not the only one pleased to see The Last Guardian on shelves either; Herman Hulst of Guerrilla Games also jumped on Twitter to send Ueda-san a hearty congratulations.

You can check out both Kojima-san and Hulst’s messages below:

The Last Guardian was released in the U.S. on December 6 and arrives in the U.K. tomorrow, December 9. The game has been in development for almost ten years, having started out life as a PS3-exclusive before transitioning to Sony’s current-generation console amidst various production issues.

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Kojima-san is currently busy working his first title for the newly-established independent branch of Kojima Productions, which was announced as the PS4-exclusive Death Stranding back at E3 2016. Meanwhile, Guerrilla Games is polishing off work on the upcoming Horizon: Zero Dawn, which is scheduled to hit PS4 in February 2016.