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Hideo Kojima Reveals Kojima Productions And PlayStation Studios Are Working On A New Action Espionage Game, “Physint”

Hideo Kojima did indeed make an appearance during the January 2024 State Of Play, as was rumoured and he did show off Death Stranding 2, now officially subtitled, On The Beach.

Kojima also, to the surprise of everyone, announced that his studio, Kojima Productions, and PlayStation Studios are working on a brand new IP that will be a new action espionage game.

This “next generation action espionage game” as Kojima calls it will be a “strong collaboration” between the two companies, and one that Kojima hopes will “transcend” the barrier between games and movies.

While neither Kojima nor Herman Hulst, who joins him for the announcement actually give the new project a title, the description on the YouTube video for the announcement calls it Physint.

Whatever this project will be called, it sounds like we won’t know a lot more about it for another two years, since it’ll go into full production after Death Stranding 2 is out the door.

Kojima also hinted that when he celebrates 40 years working as a game maker, we’ll learn more about what Physint, or whatever it’s called, is.

For now, it seems that since Kojima technically can’t make any more Metal Gear Solid games, he’s going to create the next generation of what a Metal Gear Solid game is.

You can check out the announcement for yourself, below.

Source – [State Of Play]