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Hideo Kojima Pictured With PlayStation Boss Jim Ryan, Fuelling Yet More Hopes Of Death Stranding 2

Jim Ryan, President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, is the latest Sony big cheese to snap his picture with Hideo Kojima, fuelling yet more hope that the Metal Gear creator is working on Death Stranding 2.

Earlier this month, Kojima-san was visited by a number of PlayStation executives, including marketing folk and later PlayStation Studios boss, Hermen Hulst. With Ryan now joining the lineup, something big is obviously on the cards at Kojima Productions.

At the very least, whatever Kojima has up his sleeves is PlayStation-related, even if it isn’t a sequel to Death Stranding.

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While Death Stranding 2 hasn’t been officially announced yet, actress Elle Fanning has been confirmed to appear in whatever Kojima is working on next.

More tantalising however is the fact Norman Reedus previously said that the game is in the early stages of production. For those who haven’t played Death Stranding, Reedus was the central character in that game and was also involved in the cancelled Silent Hills with Kojima.

Death Stranding was released for PS4 back in November 2019 and was later released for PC and PS5 as Death Stranding: Director’s Cut.