Hideo Kojima teases ‘Devil Project’

Metal Gear Solid father Hideo Kojima’s busy beavering away on a mysterious title by the name of ‘Devil Project,’ according to various posts on the Kojima Productions boss’s Twitter page.

Writing on the social networking site earlier today, Kojima-san teased, "Have to give priority to another line’s scenario etc., so now I cannot work on ‘the devil project’ and ‘writing’."

He later added: "Worked on my ‘devil project’ a bit after lunch. An experiment went well. Plot adjustment. Additional project. Phew.. now another line." He even snapped a shot of his lunch for you to gawp at.

Kojima has been working on a new game for quite some time now, with Internet rumblings pointing to everything from Metal Gear Solid 5 and Zone of the Enders 3 to the now-infamous “Taboo” project.

Whatever he’s got up his sleeve, however, the famed developer’s said that he’d like to show it off at the Tokyo Game Show later this year. He’s also working on a title for NGP, which will supposedly get an E3 reveal.

Stay tuned.