Hitman Professional difficulty arrives in latest update


Hitman developer IO Interactive has confirmed the latest update for its critically acclaimed kill’-em-up romp, chief among which includes a new Professional difficulty setting for players to tackle.

The new mode will be added to Hitman on January 31, which is the same day as the first season is available as a physical disc release for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Professional can be utilised for all five chapters of Hitman’s first outing, not including the Prologue, though you will need to have unlocked Mastery Level 20 to access the new difficulty. Professional will not be available for Escalation Contracts and Elusive Targets, however.

Hitman professional difficulty detailed – find out what’s new below

  • Enhanced AI behavior – Guards are more thorough when searching. Increased guard search radius. NPCs are more perceptive to footsteps, especially when running. Increased guard alertness.
  • Strict item rules – Suspicious / illegal items according to current disguise.
  • Advanced security camera logic – Security cameras can spot illegal activity and guards will be dispatched to investigate. Increased number of security cameras (in logical places).
  • Limited saves – Only one manual save allowed. Auto-saves are disabled.
  • Lethal combat – Clean kills are required to take a disguised. Slower health regeneration.

Hitman’s first episode was released in March 2016 and receive subsequent chapters over the course of the year, culminating with the final mission on October 31 set in Hokkaido, Japan. While a second season has yet to be detailed, IO Interactive has confirmed that it has plans for three season of Agent 47’s  globetrotting exploits. Read our review of Hitman Season One to find out if it’s worth picking up.