Home 1.00 already finished?

There is reason to believe that Home version 1.00 is already finished and ready for the open beta to hit shortly. There is definitely no confirmation out of the Sony camp about this; however, a guy over at PS3News has discovered a way for you to download the 1.00 version of Home onto your PlayStation 3.

According to his thread, "I found some interesting thing when i was ‘playing’ with PS3.ProxyServer. I replaced some xml files, and now I can install [email protected] Home public BETA Trial from [email protected] servers in XMB. I think it’s to prepare for real open BETA, and that will be unlocked very soon by Sony."

For those of you wanting to jump onto this wagon and get the client installed onto your PlayStation console, the more power to you. Unfortunately, though the client is obtainable, it will not connect to any servers for you to enjoy the Home experience itself.

With all of the recent Home news coming to the surface like the Warhawk update and SCEE promising users a "special update" once the store’s redesign is complete, it is easy to see how people could be lead to believe that the Home Public Beta is just around the corner.

As more information comes to light regarding this subject, we’ll definitely keep you updated.