Home gets major update next week

Home is getting ready to release a major update next week for its exclusive private beta users. This update is going to be referred to as 0.8.3, which brings us inevitably closer to the final 1.0.0 build that will ultimately be the public release of Home. This update comes straight from an email, as well as the Official Beta PlayStation Forum. A lot of changes and fixes are being implemented with this update and we plan on explaining them all one by one.

The UI has been completely face lifted and renamed to Home CS (Home Chip System), not only will this improve the visual eye candy of the interface but will make the flow of the experience a lot more logical and efficient. A new vector-based font system has been implemented which will lead to better font clarity as well as improvement to a slew of different icons found throughout Home.

Your Virtual PSP will now be able to identify friends in three steps, Offline, Online, and Online in Home. These three indicators will also be color coded as well. They’ve also updated the Virtual PSP’s menu system to flow better in order to bring you a more logical way of navigating. The options that are not yet available will no longer be invisible to you, just simply grayed out. The update will also enable more backgrounds for your VPSP in order to provide better customization.

The update will also bring forth an HDR approach to lighting and blooming which will tone some things down while making the objects much sharper. They’ve also improved the water shader in order to give it a more realistic look and feel. The new engine also provides stable frame rates even in crowded areas of Home. 1080p support has also been returned to the interactive virtual lifestyle as well.

The wardrobe and physical customizations to your character has been upgraded as well. You’ll now be able to handle everything from anywhere and all at the same time, these changed are displayed below.

– The wardrobe is accessible from any location, not just your Home Space.
– A selection of pre-set characters is available with more coming.
– Jewellery is now available for both sexes.
– Improved the look of skin on all characters.
– Your avatar is well lit and has a mirror behind to make customisation much easier.
– The standard list of clothing has been reduced to our intended starting pack.
– More clothing is available from the new Marketplace (see below!).
– Save & Load! You can now save your character in 9 different setups.
– Extra clothing will be added soon to test our update system.

In the Marketplace you’ll now find things you can use for your Home Space as well as your character. The store will include a variety of items for you to enjoy.

Players have also been given summer homes, as well as improved balcony views. Beta testers will also now enjoy the furniture starter packs, which happens to be an increase in furniture than what is currently available. They’ll also experience updates to the marketplace in order to test the system. Along with this, the lamps that come in the furniture pack will also come with working light switches to toy around with.

Some of the game launching applications has been fixed, but there will be some things users have to look out for before use because not all the bugs have been worked out yet. Game launching currently only allows same region players to launch together, so you won’t be able to launch with US gamers if you’re stationed in the UK.

Streaming video watching is now being implemented as well. Before, the beta users would be stuck having to let something fully download before enjoying it. That will no longer be a concern.

Here is a list of other bugs being fixed with this update as well.

– Fixed the problem where you could appear in a location and some other characters there would be invisible.
– Fixed the floating pool balls.
– Fixed the levitating avatars.
– Fixed the issue that led to C967 errors.
– Fixed the inconsistencies between the view inside and outside different locations.
– Fixed the positioning of the PSP in your character’s hands.

We’ll keep you updated as more Home information is made available.