HORI releases PS4 Onyx wireless controller

hori onyx ps4 wireless controller

Adding to the officially endorsed PlayStation accessories pile is the HORI Onyx wireless controller for PS4.

Available in the EU on January 15, the new PS4 controller adopts a much different design to the DualShock 4.

With a broad grip design, Bluetooth connectivity and dual vibration motors, the only odd thing we find is that the left analogue stick is placed above the d-pad, which may take some getting used to for DualShock 4 fans.

We've spent time with a few decent alternative PS4 controllers over the last 12 months. The PS4 custom controller from The Controller People is decent, with a nice clicksticks feature, and the Razer Raiju with its extra triggers is a nice alterative for Pro players and competitive gamers.

Sony did update its DualShock 4 with a new PS4 controller back in 2016, and it still does the job perfectly well for us.

Looking to buy the Hori Onyx wireless controller? Check your online retailers for preorders and availability. It looks like the new pad may get some additional colours too, but launches in plain black.

  • angh

    oh, they made mistake in thumb-stick position, I still have symmetric fingers;)

    • Nameless King

      I love the people who say the offset sticks are the more natural position, as if your hands are different.

      • kbozz71

        What an ignorant comment. The offset position does feel more natural to many people. It’s the main reason I prefer playing on Xbox over PS. Now that there’s another option, I will be able to comfortably play on my playstation for longer periods of time.

  • I just wish they’d release a PS4 variant of their FPS Assault Pad 3, but I like this one.