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Horizon Forbidden West Comparison Video Reveals Huge Visual Upgrade Over Horizon Zero Dawn

The folks at ElAnalistaDebBits have cobbled together a new video comparing the visuals in Horizon Zero Dawn to the in-development Horizon Forbidden West, and suffice to say, Guerrilla Games has made some huge strides in the graphics department for the sequel.

Obviously the video can’t compare scenes as they are different games, it is still able to showcase just how Aloy’s character model has improved on PS5 and PS4 with Horizon Forbidden West, as well as details in the environments — water in particular has come leaps and bounds in the latest game.

Check out the video below.

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Horizon Forbidden West is currently in development for PS5 and PS4, with a release planned for some time in 2021. The game recently received a fresh batch of gameplay in Sony’s latest State of Play event, which has become the company’s most-watched single-game presentation to date.

Be sure to have a butchers at the latest Horizon Forbidden West screenshots here.

[Source – Twisted Voxel]