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Horizon Forbidden West Has Been Rated In Australia

The Australian Classification Board has posted up a listing for Horizon Forbidden West on PS4 and PS5, which is expected given how we’re just a few months away from the game’s February 2022 release.

Horizon Forbidden West has been classified M by the ratings board, which indicates mature content. Here’s a description for more info:

The content is moderate in impact

Films and computer games classified M (Mature) contain content of a moderate impact. M-rated films and computer games are not recommended for children under the age of 15. They include portrayals of elements such as violence and themes that require a mature outlook.

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Horizon Forbidden West is scheduled for release on PS4 and PS5 on February 18, 2022. Guerrilla Games recently dropped off a bunch of key info on the sequel, including details on the attitude system used to determine NPC personalities, as well as how the team have improved the game’s array of machine enemies.

Meanwhile, combat now has an increased focus on player choice, and there’s a new workbench feature included.

[Source – Gematsu]